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Upright Markers Upright Markers

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Pricing Overview

Below is a general description of product types and price ranges.

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Upright Markers
Price Range: $1,574.00 - $10,718.00

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Upright Cemetery Markers are the most expensive, custom marker one can buy. Due to the vast variety of shapes and sizes we do not offer these on our design builder. Our Professional Design Staff will create a custom design on the upright of your choice. There is never a charge for this service.

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Slanted Markers
Price Range: $595.00 - $1,900.00

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Slant Cemetery Markers have an Upright appearance. This is an affordable way to achieve the upright appearance with out the high cost. We have several sizes and colors to choose from. They all come with a rock edge and polished face.

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Beveled Markers
Price Range: $420.00 - $1,300.00

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Bevel Cemetery Markers will lay flat on the ground like the Flat Markers. They do have a 2” higher back side that will give a small slant appearance. We have several sizes and colors to choose from. Bevel Markers come with rock edges and a polished face.

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Flat Markers
Price Range: $238.00 - $844.00

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Flat Cemetery Markers are also referred to as Headstones, Cemetery Markers, Grave Markers or Monument. We have a variety of sizes and colors to choose from. These markers lay flat on the ground.

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Pet Markers
Price Range: $158.00 - $183.00

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Our pet markers come in a 3”x8”x16” solid Granite marker. We have 3 colors to choose from. This size is perfect for a home memorial for your lost friend.

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Bronze Memorials
Price Range: $375.00 - $1,500.00

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Bronze Memorials