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Please consider reading what our clients had to say about our products and service.

I don’t know how to put in words how great your company is.

I ordered a pet marker for my best friends companion (Bandit) that had passed away in November 2009. Bandit would have been 12 in December. I initially ordered the marker with the date Bandit passed away as December. Once I realized I had made a mistake, I was in a panic. One call to your customer service was all it took to correct the error. I was told the date would be corrected and the marker would ship on Friday. I received a call from you guys to tell me that the way the dates were on my order would cause a problem. He suggested a four line marker instead of a three line. I told him that would be fine. The next day I was sent a proof and the marker looked even better than I had thought. When the marker arrived, I made plans with one other friend to present the marker to Bandits owners. When we sat the marker in front of them, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house. They were so pleased with the marker, they couldn’t speak.

All I can say is that I have told everyone I know about your company. I have given your web site out to each one. Keep up the good work guys. Ya’ll are number one in my book.

Barry Cudd

I could have not been more pleased with your product, the time in which you supplied us with the marker and above all your kindness and the ability to immediately understand what I wanted.

Please know over my lifetime I have delt with many companies on different products; but I have to place Affordable Markers and your Staff at the top of my list as the best !

To be completely honest; I can not think of anything you could do to make things better. Please know I will share my experience with everyone I know who would be in need of your product.

Rest in the knowledge that you have brought alot of peace to me and my Family and this my friend is priceless !

We wish you and Affordable Markers only the very best success in the future. God Bless You All !

Mrs Robbie (Shurette) Betanzos - The Villages, Florida

I am very satisfied with the product and the service. Years ago, my family waited for many months and through many follow up calls to get my mother’s marker for her grave. From a local supplier here in suburban Philadelphia. I looked around for a local supplier here, but none could compare to your price; I did not expect the prompt delivery – so it was amazing to me that within two weeks after I ordered, the marker turned up on my doorstep. From California. With free shipping. It’s an amazing world we live in – where I can get better service 3000 miles away than I can get 3 miles away. Needless to say, I am very pleased, and will not hesitate to recommend your company given the opportunity.

Thank you for being a ray of sunshine in what can be a very draining process.
Doug Humes


Thank you so much for the wonderful service I received while purchasing the grave marker for my mother's grave site. I am so pleased with my purchase. If I had not found your company I probably would not have been able to afford a marker for my mom. You have relieved a burden that I have been feeling for a very long time and I can not express how much this means to me and my family.

Thank you for caring about the families of the dearly departed enough to enable us to be able to afford something nice to remember them by. My prayers are with you and I love you for making this difference in my life.

Emma I. Jolley

When I received my mother's grave marker I must say it was MORE than I had expected. I am very impressed by the workmanship and the quality of the marker for the reasonable price. Not to mention the fact that you sent it out so promptly. I received the marker within a few days of ordering it and it arrived packaged very well, with no breakage. You are truly a 5 Star company and I WILL be telling people about your company. Thank you for making a tragic life experience a little more bearable.

Thank You,
Mrs. Corina Neff

I cannot thank Affordable Markers enough for the personal attention and craftsmanship you provided. I consider myself very lucky for stumbling upon What a relief to see someone in this difficult and very important line of business with unmatched levels of service, sensitivity and business ethics.

Thank you,
Timur Kanaatov

There are no words that can explain the wonderful service you provided me. I will refer many people to you and not worry about them getting the best. Thank you very, very much for all your help……

Your help, understanding and service were absolutely excellent. The marker arrived in plenty of time and was in place for our final goodbye to my wife and was a very great comfort for me and my family. Also the craftsmanship and quality was superb. I can’t thank you and your staff enough for your extemporary service and conduct during what is a very difficult time for us.
Thank you again,
Gary Ream

We have received the marker and are very satisfied with the quality. It came in perfect condition. Your office staff was extremely helpful to me, as I called at least 2 times with questions. Calling me back so promptly is quite unusual in today’s business and I really appreciated it. Thank you for your help.
Janice Moinicken

I was Very impressed how quickly I received my Marker! Especially having to be shipped from California to Massachusetts. The turn around time was incredible as well! I am a licensed Funeral Director so I know what these Markers normally cost. I purchased this Marker for my Spouse’s Grandmother who is buried in W. Virginia. We are driving down to FL on Thursday and plan to stop in W. VA to install her Marker. Thanks so much for the “Great Service” not to mention the incredible price! It had to cost half of the price of the Marker just for the shipping and packaging costs. Thanks again! I will definitely send more business your way!
David A. Deptula

I manage a large public cemetery that averages 325 burials yearly. I see lots of beautiful stones, most with large price tags. I am impressed with the quality of the nice stone you engraved for my Dad. It is the type of stone and color that holds up the best to irrigation, weather and machinery at my cemetery. The real beauty of your system is the design choices I was given on your website. I came away feeling I had just ordered a custom headstone at a great delivered price, and I had the stone in a week!
Thanks again,
Jim Ludy

I was amazed at the quick processing and shipping and couldn’t be more pleased with Tommy’s marker. It really is beautiful and everything I wanted. It was a comfort to our family as well, to see this tasteful dignified and well designed marker to honor Tommy. I pray that I will never need your services again, but if should that ever be the case I wont hesitate to order from you again. “Affordable” doesn’t mean “cheap”! Thank you again, so much!
Pamela Rogers

I really do appreciate the hard work you committed on the marker for my Grandmother. You went above and beyond providing excellent customer service. You were patient with me and made sure everything was exactly as I requested. Thank you for your help. You made a situation no one wants to be in very pleasant. I would HIGHLY recommend your company to anyone needing a marker or memorial. Again, thank you for your awesome service and professionalism.
Angela Graziano

Thank you so very much for your wonderful product. The marker is just exactly what I wanted. I’m so very proud of it and it is a great tribute to a great person. God bless you for your hard work and for making these markers available. There aren’t words to express how very grateful I am.
Terri Beach

I would like to tell you how much I appreciate your company. My Mother’s marker arrived in about a week and it was exactly as I designed it. The workmanship was quality, the packaging was done with care, and the affordability was truly a gift to a family that couldn’t afford a lot. I spoke with Hunter on the phone and he was so considerate. He went beyond just sending an email to tell me it had been shipped and called in person. This type of personal care makes all the difference. People in this day and time rarely show caring like that anymore. I would, without hesitation recommend your company to anyone. Thank you so very much.
Manny Blessings,
R. M. Mills

Received my order (grave marker) yesterday and wanted to say thank you. I appreciate your quick shipment and quality work. Your website was fantastic and very easy to navigate. Thank you for providing these affordable markers for our loved ones. May your company prosper. You have found a way to help others and deserve to be blessed in return.
Thanks again,
Sharon Mokhriby

I would like to take the time to thank you for the beautiful grave marker that you made me. Workmanship was awesome and it is exactly what was promised. The price was so affordable… I hope you fully understand how much you help people afford a nice grave marker that couldn’t otherwise. Word of mouth is the best advertisement and I have a big mouth. Great work…thanks so much.
Bill Beck

We are very please with your service. We had a wide variety of images, lettering, sayings, and ease of use. Your service allowed my family to purchase a headstone for my 4-month old great-granddaughter. Funeral expenses drained our wallet’s. It was so wonderful to be able to do this for her. We were so very, very pleased with your product. Keep up the good work.
La’celle’s loving family

Well, I have to say that I was very pleased with my purchase. Everything from price, shipping and product were exceptional. I have already recommended Affordable Markers to several friends. I wish you continued success and have considered myself lucky to have crossed paths with Affordable Markers.
Stan Kuback

The grave marker arrived today and it is absolutely beautiful! Thank you so much for going the extra mile for me and my daughter. I am so pleased. We might even be able to get it installed before her birthday. I am very impressed with your company and am referring everyone I know.
Thank you again,

I must tell you that we love the grave marker. The quality for the price is unbeatable. Thank you for helping my family set the finishing touch on a very tough time. We received the headstone and are absolutely amazed at what a great job you did, and how quickly it got here. Thank you so much for a terrific execution.
All the best,
Lance Greenfield

I just want to say thanks! The grave marker is perfect, really better than I thought it would be.
Thank you so much,

I am pleased with all aspects of our dealings. Monument is as ordered and was made and delivered in a timely manner. Also a great value, thanks
Carl A. Nylund

The grave marker was beautiful. We appreciated the quick turn around after we ordered. On behalf of myself and my sisters children - thank you.
Janie Johnson

I am very, very impressed with the cemetery marker that I ordered. I ordered this marker for our family cemetery to show the name and the year est. I looked for months. I was mainly checking on signs made of metal. The price of all the signs were almost as expensive; and a lot of the signs were more expensive; and not near the quality and the look….I would recommend your services to anyone!!
Thanks again,

Very affordable which is a gift… finished marker done in the blink of an eye… shipped from CA to GA in standard 6 days ground surface as there obviously was no time wasted between finished product and shipping. Craftsman-ship on the marker was excellent for the reasonable amount paid. I cannot comment on granite grade as I am not a grader but it appeared to be of good grade as I live in GA where we are not unfamiliar with granite. I live 13 miles from the largest exposed granite formation in the world at Stone Mountain, GA. To sum it up…your company is a class act from initial contact to follow up after the sale with a price that is affordable to many that could not afford most other competitors in the same marker arena.
Well done… well done indeed,
John W. Thompson

Cemetery Markers 101
Granite grave markers also know as flush markers, flat markers, cemetery markers, and memorial markers lay flat and are very easy to maintain. This is the common choice for marking the resting place of a loved one. The upright headstones also know as tombstones, upright grave markers, cemetery memorials and grave headstones require more maintenance due to there upright exposure. Not all cemeteries will allow the upright headstones. Upright headstones can also get very pricy. It is a good idea to consult your cemetery prior to ordering any grave marker to insure the size will fit the cemeteries specs. At Affordable Markers we take pride in manufacturing your granite grave markers. Our granite is cut from quarries within the US and is of highest quality.